Pre-Purchase and Full Condition Surveys are a pre-requisite to the outright purchase of a pre-owned ship, vessel or boat. Pinpointing previous repairs, construction faults, lack of maintenance among others. Your surveyor can save you from sleepless nights and unpleasant nightmares …… not to mention hard-earned money. We offer a Professional Consultancy Service and we carry out Surveys on all types of materials to the IIMS code of practice.

Pre-Purchase and Full Condition Surveys

The prospective owner requires the surveyor to thoroughly inspect the vessel, her machinery, rig, service systems and equipment, to find, as far as practical, her condition, quality and any faults. In both cases the findings are recorded in a clear and detailed report along with recommendations for the rectification of defects and a conclusion giving an overview of the state of the vessel in relation to its age and the significance of the defects found. In the case of the pre-purchase survey the report is particularly comprehensive giving the purchaser a sound basis for making the decision whether to buy or not and for carrying out possible further negotiations with the vendor.

These surveys should include, where possible, a full out of water inspection, to assess the structural integrity and water-tightness of the hull, rudder and stern gear. This will also include the condition of the cathodic protection, and an examination of the machinery (non-invasive), propulsion, fuel, electrical, gas, sewage, water and other service systems. A sea trial may be conducted, where practical. (See: Scope of Survey) The nautical items, appearance, and an assessment of the overall level of maintenance, general condition, structural and mechanical integrity of the vessel will be considered.

A typical Pre-Purchase Condition Survey Report is based on the day the craft was inspected NOT the day the report was written or issued. Inspection will probably take one day. It is unlikely that it will take less time, even for smaller boats. It is possible that a vessel with complex systems or larger ships will take longer.

The normal Marine Survey for Pre-Purchase, Insurance, Mortgage, Leasing or other reasons carried out by Mark Dorrington-Niblett and Associates provides an opinion only on the structural and mechanical condition of the vessel and applies to all reasonably visible aspects of the vessel, her rig, machinery, service systems and her equipment as presented to Mark Dorrington-Niblett and Associates. It should be noted however, that unless a hull has been completely shot blasted or cleaned back to the bare gel-coat, wood or steel as appropriate prior to the survey, Mark Dorrington-Niblett and Associates cannot confirm the detailed condition of the hull surface and any conclusions will therefore be based on the evidence of the sample areas examined.

The Survey does not provide an opinion on the condition of those parts of the vessel which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible nor on areas or in spaces not presented visible, for example behind linings, beneath fixed cabin soles or floors etc. unless these are accessible through normally portable or readily accessible locker lids, hatch covers, traps or similar access points.

Machinery installations, auxiliary and ancillary equipment, gas, and other service systems, electronic equipment, pumping and plumbing, sanitation system, navigational aids and other sundry items will be visually inspected only.

Any estimates of value given will be arrived at by studying the average current market value of similar vessels and adjusting this figure to reflect the condition of the vessel at the time of survey. The mast and rigging, when stepped, shall be inspected to ‘head height’ only. We cannot inspect woodwork or other parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and we are, therefore, unable to report that any such part of the structure is free from defect.

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