English and French reportsWe write reports in both English and French. Tous nos rapports peuvent être rediges en Français et Anglais. Please enquire about other languages.

Please make available copies of the Ship’s Documents and any recent invoices for repairs or improvements which you have made or undertaken.

The Surveyor will appreciate it if you clear all storage areas of personal effects so that access below or behind these areas is eased. If there are inspection hatches at the back of wardrobes, for example, then all garments and bedding should be removed. Crates of beverages, Jerry cans, Outboard motors, Oil drums, Deflated Rubber Dinghies at the bottom of the bilges and in Lazarettes are something that surveyors often have to cope with and will not help access below and wastes his and your time.

If the Surveyor considers that access has not been facilitated, he may have to make another appointment to come back at a later date. Extra costs are inevitably involved.

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